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The CBCC Sale is here to help Coastal Bend parents sell their no longer needed items. With hundreds of families participating in and shopping the sale, it takes everyone helping out to make it all work! Those that help out at least 6 hours become part of our Smart Parent Team.

Joining is voluntary, but by helping to make the event run as smoothly as possible, you are doing much to ensure that your items have the best opportunity to sell. AND, CBCC Smart Parent Team members shop first – which means you get access to the best stuff and the best bargains first.

The Smart Parent Team does a variety of tasks before and during the sale, all of which enable the CBCC sale to run effectively and efficiently. (AND helps YOU sell MORE of YOUR stuff!) Those who help for at least 6 hours earn one (1) pass to shop our exclusive Helper/Seller Preview Sale. All of the Smart Parent Team is required to have completed their shift in order to participate in the Preview Sale. The pass earned is good for one (1) adult to attend the preview sale. There are plenty of shifts, so grab a friend or two and sign up early for the best times so you can earn your preview sale pass!

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Ways To Help

the Sale

We need lots of help to sort through the items dropped off by sellers throughout the day on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Wednesday is reserved solely for sale setup.

the Sale

Sign up for a shift during the sale and you could be doing a variety of tasks that make the sale run smoothly, efficiently, and will help you sell your stuff. Examples are: placing items out on the floor, organizing, merchandising, directing the flow of traffic, and various odd jobs.

the Sale

There are some things that take place before, during, and after the sale that can help with. If you have a skill, talent, or resource that you would like to share, you could get to shop early, too! Email us at to inquire.

Get Involved

CBCC Sale Smart Parent Team

Registration for Spring 2024 opens February 1, 2024. If you have questions or need assistance with becoming a helper, please email Ashleigh at